Customizing listeners in your own class/object

I wanted to listen to a listeners which I implemented in my custom class without defining it on my MAIN class, so I come up with this idea of some sort of inheriting the listener and pass back to my main calling class. For the following example, I will show how to pass the listener (LocationManager.LocationListener) back to the MAIN. This is good if you want to have your custom class which will implements bunch of other listeners.

For example, I have Main and Class A.
Main – Main Class
MyLocationManager – Called from Main Class. Implements LocationManager.LocationListener
MyLocationManagerInterface – Where interface is declared

public Main implements MyLocationManagerInterface{
  public MyLocationManager locationManager;

  public void onCreate(){
    locationManager = new MyLocationManager(this);

  public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {
    // Code here will be executed once LocationManager.LocationListener is called, even is not declared here.

public interface MyLocationManagerInterface {
	public void onLocationChanged(Location location);

public MyLocationManager implements LocationListener{
  MyLocationManagerInterface myLocMgrIf;

  public MyLocationManager(MyLocationManagerInterface listener){
    myLocMgrIf = listener; // Init custom listener
    // Here you init all the LocationManager stuffs and request for updates.

  public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {
    myLocMgrIf.onLocationChanged(location); // Here you pass the location to custom interface

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