Parsing JSON data using Google GSON library in Eclipse

1. Download gson library
2. Add as external jar from your eclipse project

JSON String:
[{“ID”:”18″, “Name”:”Name A”} ,
{“ID”:”19″, “Name”:”Name B”} ,
{“ID”:”20″, “Name”:”Name C”} ,
{“ID”:”21″, “Name”:”Name D”}]

Java class to implement the parsing

public class gsonexample {

	public gsonexample(){}

	public void parseJson(String url){
			Reader reader = new InputStreamReader(new URL("url").openStream()); //Read the json output
			Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().create();
			DataObject obj = gson.fromJson(reader, DataObject.class);
		}catch(Exception e){

	private class DataObject{ //This class should match your json object structure
		private int status;
		private String error_message;
		private List<Item> item; // This is for the inner array
	    public String toString() {
	        return status + " - " + error_message+ " (" + item + ")";

	private class Item{ //This is the inner array class
		public int ID;
		public String Name;
	    public String toString() {
	        return ID + " - " + Name +"\n";

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